Bureau 13 Mini-Movie and Saving Throw Episode


Oak Park Michigan: 07.13.2019: Tri Tac Legacy (TTL)
Longshot Productions, designer of the Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic Savage Worlds Edition, is pleased to present an animated B13 mini-movie and a Saving Throw episode, both featuring different takes on creator Richard Tucholka’s adventure, “The Thing in Walnut Creek.”

The 10-minute movie retells the classic adventure using modern digital animation techniques, but is designed to look “old school” since it is set in 1983. Told from the POV of two “would be” paranormal investigations from a public access TV show (who may or may not look familiar), the story involves Bureau agents making sure that no evidence of the supernatural is ever revealed to the public. The animation was created by Taylor Gutierrez, who also animated the book trailer for She Murdered Me with Science. Taylor, a student at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD), can be found on Facebook at DaemoniumVulpesArt. Audio direction was done by Chelsea Kramer of Rocky Mountain Geek Tank. @rockymountaingeektank.

“The Thing in Walnut Creek” https://youtu.be/v2zPjm5JvUs

On June 16th, Tri Tac Legacy was honored to be one Saving Throw’s interactive game tutorials. Saving Throw is an instructional web-series and website, designed to teach viewers how to play various games by filming a group of actor/gamers playing the actual game. Owned and operated by Dom Zook, the show features a reoccurring cast that have a massive following. Using characters and situations featured in the Bureau 13 Jumpstart, the team demonstrated exactly the over-the-top nature of what it is like to be an Accidental Agent, stalking the night fantastic.
Clips: https://www.savingthrowshow.com/clips-of-the-week-06-16/#RPGES

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