One Month Countdown to Bureau 13 Kickstarter Launch

Oak Park Michigan: 08.13.2019: Tri Tac Legacy (TTL)

Tri Tac Legacy is excited about their upcoming Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic Savage Worlds Edition Kickstarter launch on September 13, 2019 (Friday the 13th). Like the Government agency that inspired the Bureau, details have been kept under wraps, but some have begun to leak out.

Such as Longshot Productions bringing back two original Bureau 13 authors to write new stories set in the modern era of the Bureau. Mercedes Lackey and Ha! We can’t you yet will be part of the stretch goal titled, “Original Bureau 13 Agents Return!”

And several original Bureau 13 game dynamics have been adapted for Savage Worlds Adventurers Edition, including Latency (not starting out with all your abilities, but earning them through game play), and McMasters Marauders (a special one-time bennie that brings McMasters instantaneous support team—including tanks and air support in the form of dragons—who then immediately disappear after pulling your characters’ collective butts from the fire) , and a random lycanthrope table where players can become one of 666 different werecreatures, and Legendary feats of magic that defy reality, but do actually work with SWADE (because the Bureau was never big on reality, anyway).

It doesn’t end there. LSP has also “modified” several of SWADE’s tables with satirical tone of B13, such as a funny Fear Table featuring Agent Mark Fear (Instead of “Mark of Fear”), who shows up to confirm your character’s worse nightmares, or Faster than You, which gives bonuses for outrunning your fellow agents. Plus, they’ve really broken the mold with d13 tables with exclusive an exclusive d13 dice in the special edition box.

And if that wasn’t enough, Modern Bureau agents won’t be just dealing with classic monsters, but evolved ones. Someone has messed with magic over the last twenty years, with results like the Chihauhaucabras and the Fat-Bottomed Ghouls. There will also be new Hindrances like Sorry, I was Dead at the Time for gamers choosing to run Phantom class agents, and new Edges like Done Been Probed, to help alien abduction survivors get payback (No Jedis here.)

Add to all this, not-of-this-world backer digital and print levels that will see Phil Folio signed lithographs, exclusive dice, bennies, Bureau 13 font packages, and a mega-backer reward that everyone has demanded! That’s all for now, but expect to see weekly press releases as TTL unredacts more surprises until launch day.

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