Redacted Info Released Plus Rituals Table Preview

Redacted Info Released Plus Rituals Table Preview

Oak Park Michigan: 08.20.2019: Tri Tac Legacy (TTL)
Tri Tac Legacy applauds the clever fans that were able to figure out last week’s redacted announcement. The names can now be revealed. TTL is proud to announce Mercedes Lackey and Lawrence Watt-Evans will be writing Bureau 13 stories that will be the basis of two plot-point adventures. Each will be bringing back some of their well-loved, original characters into the Savage Worlds edition. The Bestselling authors will be a part of the Kickstarter stretch goal titled, “Original Bureau 13 Agents Return!”

Also, it can be announced that as part of the “1977 Agent Bundle” backer reward level, Longshot Productions has crafted an exclusive D13 dice to go with Bureau 13’s D13 tables, such as the Demon Duck Random Mutation Table, the Paranoia Bunny’s Effect Table, and the random Twelve Mouths of Goshnar (plus 1) Attack Table. As LSP’s David Boop states, “This type of Meta-gaming is tradition in classic B13. We’re honored to add these D13 dice and tables as part of the updated game.”

One particular carry over from the original game is the humorous ritual component table. “Richard [Tucholka]’s idea was that agents couldn’t always find the right exotic magical ingredients for a spell on the fly, so he created a substitution table of common items, such as a rubber chicken for a slaughtered chicken. We’ve taken that idea…to the extreme.”

Some of the common replacement components include: an item the caster is allergic to, a rubber devil duck, and a Yeti Costume [must be worn], while some of the exotic item replacements can be as difficult to find as an 8-Track of the Bay City Rollers, an unopened MickyD’s Szechuan Dipping Sauce Packet, a fork once used by Martin Scorsese to eat spaghetti, and a complete set of holiday marshmallows from a box of Lucky Charms. Look for more reveals next week.

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