Tri Tac Legacy looks into the future of Bureau 13.

Oak Park Michigan: 01.13.2018: Tri Tac Legacy (TTL) reveals its tentative 2019 plans, including first playtests, cover reveal and more leading up to the September Friday the 13th Kickstarter launch.

Longshot Productions (LSP), the game design company, will be playtesting Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic Savage Worlds edition during GenghisCon, held February 21st to the 24th in Aurora, CO. The playtest will include the original B13 adventure titled “The Thing in Walnut Creek” using the recently released Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE).This re-introduction of B13 to a new audience using a classic scenario is exactly the goal to present the joy, thrill and—above all—comedy of the original material while incorporating the Savage Worlds game mechanics in a non-intrusive and holistic way. Convention registration is open now. There will be five B13 games total, including a newly written sequel to the aforementioned original adventure, titled “Return to Walnut Creek.”

Additional appearances at conventions to run playtests are still being arranged and will be announced as plans solidify. There will be general playtesting as well taking place, applications for playtesters are being accepted at this time and those that are chosen will be informed soon. People wishing to be considered for playtesting should send an email to: with reasons why you believe you would be a good playtester and what experience you have with Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic.

Email newsletter signup is live at Subscribers get the latest information ahead of the general public including art, such as Phil Foglio cover reveal. Keep up on the B13 US tour schedule as it’s playtested leading up to the Kickstarter launch. is a podcast for Savage Worlds fans, hosted by two B13 SWE designers: Christopher Landauer and Chris Fuchs. This monthly broadcast keeps listeners up-to-date on changes to SWADE and third-party releases. There will be exclusive interviews with the B13 SWE designers, artists and more! Please give it a listen.

The B13 SWE Jumpstart is coming soon! This twelve page promotional portfolio will showcase the writing, the art, and future plans for the Bureau. It will also give readers a taste of the book’s page design format. Included in it will be the updated “The Thing in Walnut Creek” adventure that can be used immediately with SWADE. Plus—Phil Foglio’s full B13 SWE cover!

For more information, interview requests, or business inquiries, please contact Tri Tac Legacy at