Tri Tac Legacy Play-tests Bureau 13: Savage Worlds Edition

Oak Park Michigan:02.13.2018: Tri Tac Legacy(TTL) reveals its first play-tests for Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic Savage Worlds Edition and teases Phil Foglio cover.

The following is a list of games Longshot Productions (LSP) is play-testing at GenghisCon, held February 21st to the 24th in Aurora,CO. The decision to set the games in different eras of B13 history was an easy one, according to TTL partner David Boop, “We wanted to capitalize on the nostalgia factor. Many gamers remember playing B13 years ago, and loved having scenarios set in different time periods. We picked years we thought would be the most fun in and take our play-testers back to the way the Bureau was, but now using Savage Worlds rules.” Additionally, one game, Return to Walnut Creek, will be set in 2019, and is the first adventure showcasing the new B13. “The Bureau has been through hard times, and it’s a new world. Will these recently recruited everyday agents be up task?” Boop explains.

Tickets are available still for GenghisCon and some of the adventures listed.

“The Case of the Thing in Walnut Creek: 07-13-1992”

The Bureau 13 agents who cover this region have been tasked to investigate new sightings of an ancient creature that lives in the creeks and lakes of a small Ohio town. The agents must determine if the intentions of the creature and either relocate it; or dispose of it in a clandestine manner.(An Original B13 adventure adapted to Savage World Rules.)

“Return to Walnut Creek: 09-13-2019”

The Bureau 13 agents once again need to deal with the strangeness that generates from Walnut Creek, OH. Something rises from the creek once more, but this time it knows the internet. Are these newly recruited “Accidental Agents”able to fight evil and keep the world of the paranormal secret in a social media driven world?

“The Case of the Las Vegas HitMan:01-13-1967”

The Bureau 13 agents who deal with the oddities in Nevada are some of the best and elite agents in the nation. However, this case will even be a test for them; this is one of the rare times Bureau 13 agents have been assigned to protect a civilian; Howard Hughes.

“The Case of the Amusement Park Apparition: 04-24-1976”

The week before Lakeside Amusement Park in Denver is to open for the 1976 Season; a Bureau 13 Agent embedded within the Denver Police has reached out to some other agents for help. The agents need to relocate an unusual apparition the park employees have encountered. In normal procedure they must do it discreetly; however the apparition has taken a liking to the spirit (pun intended) of the amusements.

TTL also announces that on March 13th, 2019, they will reveal the new Phil Folgio “Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic Savage Worlds Edition Cover. Here’s a sneak peak below:

Who are these agents? Where are they? And what are they up against? Find out in March!

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