Tri Tac Legacy Releases Bureau 13 Cover Art by Phil Foglio


Oak Park Michigan: 03.13.2019: Tri Tac Legacy (TTL) is proud to reveal the cover art for the upcoming Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic – Savage Worlds Edition by award-winning artist Phil Foglio.

David Boop of Longshot Productions (LSP) said this about the design, “When we asked Phil for an update to his original cover, we wanted to capture that same mix of horror and comedy. If you look at his 1992 B13 cover, you’ll see that it’s three agents surprising a bunch of monsters in their lair. Seeing as this is 2019, we suggested the modern lair be a coffee shop.”

Boop goes on to say that the original cover had a mix of classic and modern monsters of the time, but today’s denizens of the dark are more varied and come from all sorts of cultures and mythologies, “We gave Phil a list of a hundred different creatures to choose from and, in his typical way, he far exceeded anything we imagined.”

Original 1992 Cover

Updated Cover for Comparison

Foglio also pulled from his original art for the new cover. “That’s Agent Roger Parks there in the center,” Boop points out, “only aged twenty-plus years. We wanted to make a statement to the fans, right on the cover, that this is the same B13 game they played in the past.” But Boop explains that role-players have become more diverse and look to see representation. “Agent Anjelica Moon and Agent Lorenzo Kingman are totally Phil’s creations. We left it up to him how he envisioned the modern agency looking. He nailed it! These are what today’s accidental agents look like.”

Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic, originally released in 1983, is based on the idea that anyone can be an agent, usually unwillingly at first, to fight the supernatural. The updated narrative will focus on an agency rebuilding itself after years of defunding just as evils shows up again in all-too public ways. “Not all monsters that an agent will face are not necessarily evil,” Boop continues. “We’ve seen a shift in supernatural fiction over the years that ‘evil’ creatures have back-stories, too. Every element on the cover is something a player can experience in game-play. From Sebek the Crocodile God owning a coffeehouse, to holy-water infused squirt guns. As gamers, as geeks, and as fans, we’ve incorporated the evolution of the paranormal investigation series, while remaining true to the game that came before them all. It’s our belief that this cover speaks that clearly.”
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